Restaurant pizzeria

The Luci del Golfo restaurant offers simple, authentic cuisine. We serve up an array of high-quality fresh dishes including the catch of the day, which is available either grilled or stewed. The pizzeria offers delicious, fragrant pizzas that are sure to make your mouth water.

Situated just a few yards from the port, on the promenade of the Lungomare Garibaldi, the restaurant benefits from a patio located just a stone’s throw from the sea, with a spellbinding view that, in the evening, takes in the evocative lights of the Gulf of Alghero.

The polite, efficient staff are overseen by the ever-present owner, and the value-for-money on offer is quite exceptional. In addition, the restaurant is perfect for families with children, because it features a small play area entirely given over to them, with slides, swings and even a TV.